FARMTECH is an alternative spare parts with good quality and good price. Our products are as good as the original manufactures, as result, we offer a full refund if you are not satisfied with the products.

    FARMTECH provides quality spare parts with reasonable price to be used with popular agriculture machinery such as Kubota or Yanmar harvester and farm tractor. FARMTECH products fit with many models such as Kubota combine harvesters model DC60, DC68 and DC95, Kubota farm tractors model L3408, L3608, L4508, L4708 and Yanmar farm tractors model EF312, EF352, EF435.

   Not only agriculture machinery from world famous brands, FARMTECH spare parts also work well with Thai Brand harvesters— Kaset Phattana and Sak Pattana. We also provide spare parts for second hand (used) tractors imported from Japan including Kubota, Yanmar and Iseki. We provide parts for popular models such as Kubota tractor L2000, L2201, L1-24D, L1-26DT and Yanmar YM2000, F20D, FX26D.


   1. FARMTECH’s first priority is the quality of products. Every piece of FARMTECH spare parts must meets our standard quality and appropriate for each type of agricultural machinery. Our products are made with modern technology, as a result, they are durable and worth the price.

   2. We offer a fair and reasonable price. FARMTECH’s principle is “Quality over Price.”

   3. Details are stated clearly on our package and label.
      - Logo FARMTECH
      - Part No and Part Name in Thai and English (which are used in the ordering process)
      - Models that fit with the product
      - Batch number (to facilitate the tracking process and ensure our quality control)
      - Barcode on the label (which works with modern inventory management system our distributors use)

   4.  Because of FARMTECH’s large storage of inventory, thousands of products are ready to ship. Our computer based modern inventory system ensures a fast and accurate inventory data.

   5.  Satisfaction Guarantee. You can return the product, if you are not satisfied with a full refund. (Terms and Conditions apply)

   6. Offer a range of shipping options—such as road, rail and postal.

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