Please contact us by Inquiry Form and information as below :

     1. Check for the availability and the price of your inquiry parts list.

     2. Clarify "How to Delivery" FARMTECH Parts to you with your address, for example : by Thailand Post,

         by EMS., by Express shipping or Other negotiable way.

     3. To finalrize and process your order, you need to complete the payment by Bank Transfer and

         inform back to the company again by email

    Please complete the payment after received the confirmation order from the company.

    Bank Transfer detail information as below :

     * After completed the bank transfer process, please inform back to the company again by Email.

   We can ship FARMTECH Parts to you within 24 hours after your order has completed. (*stock available )

In the case that the express shipping is available in your area. If your area has no express shipping, we will

ship by the proper transportation or ship as you clarify in the order, but the shipping duration may be

different for each area.

    For A.E.C. or Other Countries, we will major delivery by EMS, Thailand Post within 3-5 days.

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